Who Are We?

books-results-callWell, we are a lot like you – students!  The Translator’s Code began as a undergraduate college led student-led ambition to curate a a site to introduce  literary translation studies.  The idea came from the student’s own first acquaintance with translation studies, and the incitement of a new genuine interest that resulted with the desire to share these unique ideas with others.  With having the introductory level of experience with translation in mind, The Translator’s Code is excited to circulate these concepts with  you up-and-coming literary scholars!

Why Are We Here?

college-student-reading-book-300x350Why are we here?  Professionals in translation, the process and appreciation of translation, and the study of translation are sadly not considered as influential in our access to great literary texts.  With your help, The Translator’s Code will help you discover how critical translation is in our world, and providing you with a mission to actively read more translated texts.  Rock on students, rock on.



“Writers make national literature, while translators make universal literature.” José Saramago

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